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~Michael Caine

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Calendar for Kiera...

I recently shared my blog with all of you. In sharing my blog I got lots of great responses including one from a friend I met a few years ago while working at Kinko's. Rod and his family (wife Michelle and little boy Colin) moved out of the city but, we exchanged emails and have been updating each other a few times throughout the year. Rod and Michelle, even though we are not as close to them as some of our other friends, are two of the most wonderful people I know. They are very well educated and have been around the world in their travels. They have since moved out of state and have added two more little boys (Drew and Issac) to their family. There are some people that you know for only a short time but you just know that they will do great things.

As some of you already know from personal experience, raising two children can be overwhelming at times. Nevermind trying to raise three. I can't imagine being outnumbered by my children three to two. But, the amazing Pflederer family of five will soon become six. These two amazing people have decided to adopt a little girl from India. I say adopt, but what I really should say is rescue. I was unaware (mostly because I refuse to watch anything media related because it is almost always disturbing) that India has the largest population of slave girls in the world. In reading their story, I learned that slave doesn't just mean a servant working for no wage in someones home. In short, families send their daughters to the city to earn their keep. The families cannot afford to send these girls to school because they need them to work to help support the family. Sometimes, unbeknownst to the family, the girls are sold to brothels and forced to work as sex slaves. The average age of a female slave in India is 14 years. And I do mean slave. These girls receive the bare minimum to stay alive. Clothing, food, and shelter. In return, they are forced to earn their keep by giving up their innocence.

If I had the option, I would open my home to all of the children of the world who aren't seen as they should be. Precious jewels that should be treasured and loved and nurtured and molded in to decent human beings. Because I do not have that option, I am writing this blog to help my friends save one little girl. I am writing in hopes that you will buy a Calendar for Kiera. Saving one among many may seem like a feeble attempt at curing the illness. But as Mother Theresa said, it's still one drop more. I will be buying a calendar from my friends to help them adopt this little girl and I hope that you do too.

Please visit http://journeytoindia.typepad.com/ for more information on how to buy a calendar.

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