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Friday, June 19, 2009

Interview with a Daughter

The following transcript is an interview with my daughter Emma. Her answers have been recorded verbatim. I got this idea from a friend of mine who posted her son's answers on Facebook. I have to say, it's pretty cute.

Me: "What is your favorite cereal?"
Emma: "Chocolate Cereal."
Me: "What is your favorite vegetable?"
Emma: "Carrots."
Me: "What is your favorite drink?"
Emma: "Um...um...giggle...um...he-he, fruit punch." She was laughing because I was typing all of her "um's".
Me: "What is your favorite toy?"
Emma: "Um...my kitchen." I found this funny because she told me not long ago that she didn't like it anymore.
Me: "What is your favorite TV Show?"
Emma: "XD, no, no I mean Five Zero" This means channel 50 which over here is Cartoon Network. Initially she said XD but then she said "Never mind I don't care about it, I just like five zero." I have no idea what XD is.
Me: "What is your favorite game?"
Emma: "Indigo Prophesy." This is some strange, complex game that Ty downloaded on Xbox. This proves that our children surpass our knowledge because although I've been known to Halo it up my hubby, I have absolutely no Idea how to even begin to play this game.
Me: "What is your favorite book?"
Emma: "Color books." She is talking about the 'Help me be good' series of books. They are books about all types of mis-behaviors. Interesting answer.
Me: "What is your favorite Restaurant?"
Emma: "Red lobster." I can't remember the last time we ate there. It must have been at least a year ago.
Me: "Why?"
Emma: "Cause I like to see the lobsters, the real ones." Of course! Who goes to Red Lobster to eat?
Me: "What is your favorite holiday?"
Emma: "Valentines Day." She definitely takes after her Grammy. Besides it's only days after her birthday.
Me: "What is your favorite animal?"
Emma: "Elephant."
Me: "Why?"
Emma: "Cause I love them, but I only love stuffed animals, that's what it is."
Me: "If you could change your name, what would you choose?"
Emma: "Emily."
Me: "What do you love most about Mommy?"
Emma: "You're sweet and I like it when you make breakfast and dinner and lunch."
Me: "What do you love most about Daddy?"
Emma: "He is sweet too and he makes lunch when you're not there."
Me: "What do you love most about Tommy?"
Emma: "He likes to play with me and I like to ride bikes with him."
Me: "Where would you like to go on vacation this year?"
Emma: "Um...why do you keep typing um? To see Poppy and Abby and Paw Paw Woody and Aunt Mel." Can you tell who calls our house most often?
Me: "What are some of your wishes for this year?"
Emma: "A new kitchen." Ahhh, now I get it. She likes playing with her kitchen but she wants a remodel.
Me: "What is your favorite thing about our house?"
Emma: "Playing on the big TV." This means the Xbox or the Playstation. Refer back to the favorite game question.
Me: "What is your favorite room in our house?"
Emma: "My room."
Me: "Why?"
Emma: "Cause it's fun and I like to play on my piano."
Me: "Who is your best friend?"
Emma: "Jesse and Keanu."
Me: "What are you most thankful for?"
Emma: "Cake for my birthday and um... oh no, I forgot about my water animals."

While performing this interview we were waiting for the Magic Grow Capsules Sea Animal Edition to transform.
I think I'll ask her the same questions in about a year and maybe even do the same for Tommy.

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beebee said...

How sweet!!!!!!!!!Great idea!!!!!Maybe I'll do the same for you when we see eacy other next time.