“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface but paddling like the dickens underneath.”

~Michael Caine

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Everything seemed to be going well last night while going through our nighttime routine. Tommy was in the living room watching the end of 'Tale of Desperaux' and Emma went with Ty to bring Maria home. I went in to the living room and noticed that the sliding screen door had been knocked off the track and the back door was open. I asked Tommy if he broke the door. He said "No. da-dee bug." I said "Ladybug?" (She's our dog) He responded "Yeah, da-dee bug." Please keep in mind that he is still trying to master the English language. I looked over and sitting sweetly in front of the TV was Ladybug. Laying there as if it was so normal and natural, just part of her everyday life. Apparently something spooked her (probably fireworks or a car backfiring). She really is a sweet dog. Tommy went over and sat next to her pointing to and naming all of her parts. Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, etc. She just sat there sweetly letting him poke and prod her.

Ty got home and Emma had fallen asleep in the car so, of course she went straight to bed, which left me with just Tommy to read books to and tuck in. I told Ty about the screen door and while he was fixing it I put Tommy in his bed and told him to wait there while I went to get something in the hall. He called "Mommy" while I was exiting his room. I called back "Hold on Tommy I'll be right back.", then he called "Mommy" again with a little more volume. I called back "Hang on just a minute baby boy." Then he finally yelled out "Damn-it Mommy!" Poor little guy doesn't know how to voice his frustrations. Of course he learned this from his parents. I went back in his room and explained that 'Damn-it' was not a nice word and not to say it again. Then he said something along the lines of "I ont sum awa pees, Mommy." Translation : "I want some water please, Mommy." I swear when he says "Pees Mommy?" My heart melts every time. He is so adorable. We read his favorite book and when I went to give him a hug and a kiss, he said "Tight, tight, Mommy." He wanted me to hug him tighter. Gosh, if I hugged him as tight as I wanted to, he would break. I said "I'll see you in the morning." and he responded with "I due." which is his version of I love you. Again, the cuteness is a survival mechanism.

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beebee said...

How adorable!!! Kinda reminds me of the incident in the bathroom...remember? Kids are parrots. They repeat what they hear.