“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface but paddling like the dickens underneath.”

~Michael Caine

Friday, May 7, 2010

I am...I love...I have...

I am beautiful. I love my family. I have everything. I am thin. I love life. I have gratitude. I am wise. I love sleeping. I have happiness. I am helpful. I love my job. I have power. I am honest. I love people. I have a home. I am intelligent. I love peace. I have wealth. I am at ease. I love my body. I have a wonderful heart. I am sucessful. I love laughter. I am thoughtful. I love myself. I have ability.


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granmaman-nansan said...

I happened to find myself on this particular blog that I didn't affirm before (shame on me).

You are everything you posted and then some -- Your Nanny loves you kid. Keep up the positive accolades.